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About Us!

Aritar Government Secondary School was established in 1946. The school has been successfully guiding myriad children from ignorance to the path of knowledge, faithfully abiding by its motto, which means from darkness to light.

School Staff Details

Designation Name Number Of Staff
Head Master 1
Graduate Teacher (Arts) 4
Graduate Teacher (Bhutia) 1
Graduate Teacher (Bio) 3
Graduate Teacher (Maths) 1
Computer Teacher 1
Primary Teacher 6
Primary Teacher (Bhutia) 1
School Mother 1

Student Enrolment

Class Section Enrolment
Class I NA 10
Class II NA 10
Class III NA 15
Class IV NA 12
Class V NA 25
Class VI NA 30
Class VII NA 38
Class VIII NA 41
Class IX NA 41
Class X NA 39